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What is the Northeast Cobb Coalition?
The Northeast Cobb Coalition is a non-profit homeowner advocacy group representing residents of northeast Cobb County, Georgia. We are comprised of ordinary volunteer citizens who...
  • serve or have served on the board of their neighborhood homeowner's association
  • own a residence in the Jamerson, Trickum, Sandy Plains or Wigley Road area.
  • are generally interested or concerned about the quality of life in our community.
  • have ideas or suggestions about traffic congestion, greenspace, density or new development.
  • are concerned about the pace of development in our area.
  • want to better communicate with Cobb County government and other elected officials whose decisions affect our area.
  • wish to network with fellow board members and other representatives of neighboring communities.
Since our founding in 1999, our mission has been to work with Cobb County officials and developers to ensure that the growth in our area meets the needs of existing residents.
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Northeast Cobb Coalition
3540 Lone Indian Way
Marietta, GA 30066
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